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Why work with Michelle Sera?

I have one foot in both worlds… vibrational & measurable.


While spending the last 6 years behind the scenes of multi-million dollar coaching companies I gained a perspective that many people just don’t have. Professionally, I’ve developed and implemented high level marketing strategies that generated $1,151,962 in sales in 2020 alone. I know how to get measurable results.

Here’s the thing… I’m also highly intuitive and empathic which means I feel and know what’s going on with the people I work with. So, it became increasingly clear to me that most coaches struggled to get measurable results because they were going at it the hard way.

Trying vs. Being

I live a manifesting lifestyle. I’ve consciously built (and manifested) a life based on a strong connection to Self, Source, and Nature. I’ve practiced meditation for 15 years and I believe there are Universal Truths that enable us to create anything and Universal Mechanisms that show us how.

Having worked with over 900 people in the last 5 years build an online business, it became very clear that strategy wasn't enough for people. Not just some people, but MOSt.

You start with the inner work. It shapes your business reality. Everything becomes so much easier from that point on. Think of manifesting clients out of the blue (my record is 6 in 7 days), or doubling your income, or simply manifesting more ease.

My Immediately In Demand™ method for coaches teaches you how to manifest more clients, income, and ease.

My unique manifesting program, Tangible combines this with uncovering the deep-in-your-bones messaging that screams to your perfect people and the resonant offer that they feel vibrationally is a match.

It's a beautiful mix of leveraging the power within AND taking a unique, empathic approach to marketing. The results...the business you dream of. Ready?