Internationally Known Coach & Strategist

About Michelle Sera

I’m not your typical marketing strategist!

Matter of fact, I never thought I’d become a marketing strategist or copywriter.

When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be an Archaeologist.

My dog and I would crawl under my 100 year old farmhouse, dirt, cobwebs and all, to scoop up hoards of arrowheads. I secretly squirreled them away in a shoebox in my room as if they were the treasure-find of a lifetime.

However, the world had different plans and my highly empathic and intuitive nature gave me a unique understanding of people, emotions, what’s ‘in your cards’ and how to reach you deep in your bones.

That fit well with marketing 😉 (Before I knew what I should really do with it.)

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs figure out aspects of their marketing and more importantly, what type/style/level of marketing they’re aligned with.

Fun, Yes!  But There’s Oh So Much More…

I believe in human potential and our innate ability to turn desire into form. I feel what you KNOW about your path, but can’t put words to or bring to the surface.  We have incredible abilities to shape our reality, if you can recognize & read the synchronicities happening all around you.

That’s what I discovered when I began manifesting and shaping the reality I live in over the last 10 years. Just in the last few years, I’ve:

  • Manifested House & 8-Acre Farm in Fairy Tale Mountain Valley 2018
  • Nicknamed Million Dollar Email Strategist – Over $1M in Sales 2019-2020
  • ​Manifested Opportunities for not just One Business, but Two Businesses 2020
  • Created Tangible 2021

You have a business to create and an impact to make. Tap into the the power within AND a unique approach to marketing that calls in clients powerfully and there will be no limit to what you can do.

Now we’re getting somewhere.

Michelle Sera is an internationally known Coach, Strategist, and Copywriter with $1,151,962 in sales in 2020 alone. She’s helped over 900 people from all over the world create the business they dream of.

A recent masterclass attendee said,

Michelle is the most unassuming powerhouse of marketing knowledge I’ve come across. Her empathic abilities are scary accurate. When she talked about synchronicity, manifesting, and turning desire to form, I understood my ability to create in a way I never had before, especially for business. I still have goosebumps.

There’s a magic Michelle weaves that unlocks your mind to a world of creation and to top it off… she makes your program, product, or service sell itself. She’s the best of both worlds.

I’m in awe.

With a quiet presence behind 5 well known multi-million dollar online coaching and marketing companies, Michelle’s a best kept secret for turning what you do into something highly sell-able.

But the best kept secret is really her empathic abilities and her power-filled connection to Source, Self, and Synchronicity.

She hides out in a quiet valley in the Appalachian Mountains where she grows food, tea, and ideas that build businesses.

For coaches who feel drawn to manifesting and know there’s so much more potential for your business, Michelle created Immediately In Demand™.  This method is her proven practice for manifesting more clients, income, and ease in your business.

It’s all in her wildly popular business manifesting program, Tangible