How to Create a Message People Notice

Messaging is at the core of any successful business. Whether it’s slogans, taglines, or a less visible message that is felt more than ‘read’…the message is everything.  I’d like to make it easier for you to nail your message with a tip, twist, and a little temptation.

In the 15+ years I’ve worked with clients on messaging, there’s one challenge that stands out for me the most.  And that’s getting the message to feel right.  

If it doesn’t resonate deep in your bones, you won’t use it. You’ll dance around it and ultimately feel like you’re drifting at sea trying to explain to others what you do.

I experienced this firsthand when I began the process of unveiling my deepest passion and fitting it into the work I’d done for years.  It was a little painful and scary, but impossible to ignore. 

You’ll find that as your business (or as you’re trying to create your business) that IF you don’t tap into your passions and the thing you’re here to do… no messaging will ever feel right, exciting, and spot on.

TIP:  In brainstorming on messaging, my best tip for you is to write the thing you’re most terrified to say (you know… the thing that might make you look crazy, not be taken seriously, or seem out of this world).  

Just say it, spit it out.  Do it over and over again.  Matter of fact, I dare you to make it even MORE grandiose!  

Go ahead  ( Nobody else is reading it… yet ).

The point here is to get comfortable writing out what’s deep in your bones and tied to your truest Self.  We don’t do this enough in life in general and I’m willing to bet that those people out there who need you most are waiting to hear it. 

So what about structure?  I mean, isn’t there a way to write your message that is standard?  Well, if you know me, I don’t like to do anything by industry’s rules, but I will acknowledge that there’s a way of writing your message that helps it make a stronger impact. 

How about a few templates to get you started.  

Template #1: “I help…”

Most people are familiar with this message structure if you’ve taken any kind of online business development course or program.  It’s straightforward and a good place to start till you get clear.

It looks like this:

I help [what specific people] do, have, become [what specific thing – the thing they don’t have and get frustrated over and stay up at night thinking about] 

Here’s an example: 

I help your emails make money with every send.

Simple and to the point.  Now we can build on to that to get more specific, like:

I help women entrepreneurs make money with email, with every send.

I help natural health practitioners turn their emails into cash machines every time they hit send.

Now, your turn.  Try the bare bones version, then embellish, specify, and make it pop!

Template #2: The “You know how…”

This template is a little different and is great for introducing your message into a conversation or specifically when someone asks you what you do.

Here’s an example:

You know how you feel when your business needs a new piece of technology, and you dread it so much that it overwhelms you?  I take all of that away.

This template takes a little work on getting the thing people dread or struggle with positioned right, so the ending sticks, but you get the idea.  

Go ahead, give it a try 🙂

Template #3: The proverb-based message.

This template is something I’ve pulled together from an incredible book by Ron Ploof, The Proverb Effect.  Ron says that if you want to make your message memorable, make it like a proverb.  

You know, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” or “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” or Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  

Wait, I know…you’re thinking, “But Michelle, how in the world do I make my message like that!?

Here’s some examples. This is just the bare bones to build upon.

For the Accountant:

Stop working for money and make money work for you. 

The Life Coach:

Life wanders aimlessly until YOU point in a specific direction.

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following.

Let’s embellish, specify, and make it pop!

The Accountant:

Stop working for money and make money work for you, so growing your fitness business is a snap. I’m the Fitness Coach’s Accountant.

The Life Coach:

Life wanders aimlessly until someone shows you how to point it in the right direction. Need some direction in your life?  I’m your Life Coach.

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following. I design beautiful websites that people follow.

Catching on?  Again, it takes time, I’m just writing on the fly, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Now it’s time for the twist…

There’s one more piece, if you can make it work, that can really make your messaging stand out to your people.  It’s called: 

The “Even If” twist.

It looks like this:

I help DIY business owners write messages so powerful that clients chase YOU (even if you failed every writing course you ever took)

The “even if” part is based on this formula:  Even if [the worst thing happens, has happened, or is true of this person]

This is really powerful to use when you know the deepest thoughts going on in your ideal clients’ minds.

Use a little of all of the above and you could be nominated for the next Nobel or Booker Prize.  

Okay, maybe not… but, you’re messaging will be outstanding!

Alright, ready for the temptation?  Temptation is wanting something badly.  And in messaging, really, really good messaging, your people should want what you have to offer.  

When something’s tempting, it’s hard to get it out of your mind, and that’s what we want!

Use words and phrases that denote a shortcut, getting, figuring out, or becoming something 10X faster.  Make it seem like I can be, do, or have something no one else is or has.  Make me special if I work with you, on the cutting edge, ahead of the game, or in the know.

This is the temptation and it’s irresistible.  

An example of temptation:

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following. I design beautiful websites that people follow, elevating you to iconic in minutes.

Practice writing out your message with all of these templates over and over again until you land on something that you feel is right deep in your bones, but also something that is just what your ideal client needs and wants to hear. 

It takes time and doesn’t usually happen in one sitting/writing.  Step away and come back to it.  And know that as your business grows, you evolve, and your messaging will too.  It will become more specific, more fine tuned, and that’s ok.  Change is the only constant.

Now, get to work on your messaging, so people notice it.

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