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What Salma Hayek Taught Me About Managing Your Inner Self and Building a Business

She’s 3 years older than me, but she looks at least 15 years younger!  Granted, Salma Hayek exudes beautiful Goddess from her pores, but I think I know how and it’s not what you think.

She’s the actress from Frida, Desperado, and Tale of Tales, seems to have the best of both worlds: beauty AND a sense of humor.  With that has come a lot of success, and I don’t dare assume it’s easy.  But when I came across a post about her meditation practices…maybe it is.

I discovered something about Salma that made me appreciate her and her work even more.  She knows the power of feeling.

What I mean here is understanding how feelings lead to things showing up in your life and business.  Like putting focus on how you feel first because this is what manifesting is all about.  

Manifesting is essentially maintaining your state of mind, so you can create worlds (mainly yours) which is what you’re innately designed to do.  And I think Salma might just get that.

In a recent Instagram post, Salma Hayek said, “I start my meditation focusing on the goddess Lakshmi, who in Hinduism represents wealth, fortune, love, beauty, Māyā (literally meaning “illusion” or “magic”), joy and prosperity. Somehow her image makes me feel joyful, and joy is the greatest door for your inner beauty.”

Daily practices like meditation that focus on a specific feeling not only raise your vibration, but elevate your emotions, so that a positive emotion becomes your dominant emotion.  Just like Salma’s joyful feeling and connection to her inner beauty.

Let’s take the example of those of us who are not movie stars, but in business for ourselves, like coaches.  We have to build a business from scratch essentially and that involves learning curves, uncertainties, and for many, fear, doubt, worry, and a ton of frustration.

I mean, if it was all cut and dry and we knew sitting at our desk and putting in x amount of hours today, we’d have x amount of clients tomorrow, you’d at least know what to expect, right?

But you don’t.  The online world throws all kinds of strategies at you and status words that make you feel like you’re failing on a daily basis. 

Enough is enough.

Stop right there.  This is why maintaining your state of mind is SO important.  If your dominant emotion is frustration, then you’re only going to experience more frustration.

If you’re trying to implement a marketing strategy, but you’re leading with the emotion of frustration, guess what that strategy will produce?  

Yep, frustration.  Maybe even clients…frustrating clients! (Read, why your marketing could use some manifesting next.)

Having that ah-ha moment yet?  The point here is that your business is 100% an expression of you.  You are the source of it and it’s success.  But not in the way you might think. 

Your job is NOT to hustle and make it all happen.

Your only job is to manage YOU Manage your state of mind and unleash your natural ability to manifest the business you dream of.

Salma understands that “joy is your greatest door to inner beauty”, expanding on that I’d say that joy is your greatest door to manifesting more joy, over and over again.

Feeling is your door.  If your business reality is simply a reflection of your dominant emotion, what’s being reflected?

If it’s not what you want, start with practices that elevate your emotions in the moment and as that gets easier, shift to managing your state of mind daily.  

You can do this with meditation as Salma Hayek does, incorporating some visualization or piggyback.

Piggybacking is simply using a moment of joy like playing with your kids, watching your dog run and smile (even as he sprays mud across his belly that he will bring into the house), watching a funny video (my fave is Griffy, the Cockatoo who lost her feathers. She can really dance), or hang out with friends. 

Use this moment of joy to pull into your business.

Leverage those feelings and piggyback them on to where you want those feelings to go.  Cool, right!?

The more you practice these tips, the more you’ll find yourself in a positive state of mind which then means you’ll be manifesting tons and  tons of positive things in your business.  Like more clients, income, and ease.  

This is exactly how I manifested 6 clients in 7 days (my all time record).

How does that sound? 

Above all, know that you are capable and already a creator of worlds.  Which means you can create the business you dream of without fear, doubt, worry, or frustration.  When you start with the source which is you, anything is possible.  Go through that door that Salma Hayek mentioned, and see what happens.

If you’d like to learn more about these daily practices for your business, reach out and connect with me or check out my unique program Tangible.  I’ll show how to grow your business with your eyes closed and ditch the frustration, doubt, and worry.

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