Why Your Marketing Could Use Some Manifesting

Your marketing needs some manifesting.  Not a magical makeover, I’m not judging here.  What I mean is your marketing should begin in your center.  

Your marketing should begin from a place of quiet calm and certainty of Self.  And here’s the thing… The process and practice of manifesting connects you with Self & Source, strengthens your intuition, awakens your instincts, and activates your power within.

Think your marketing could be boosted by all of this?  (Well, yeah).

Let’s look at 4 ways manifesting affects your marketing directly:

  1. Daily manifesting practices have a calming, centering affect. Your thoughts and decisions come to you easier.  

Be real, most days in your business feel like you’re running around with your hair on fire. Whether intended or not, this can come through in your marketing.  Remember that spelling error you posted on Instagram?  And you didn’t catch it till the next day?  

  1. As you visualize (especially in the details I teach through my SoMA Manifesting Practices for Business, you begin to connect with and tap into your ideal client.  It’s like sending out an energetic wave to your people.  Einstein called it entanglement or ‘Strange, spooky stuff’.  

When you begin to ‘call in’ or connect with your ideal clients energetically, you’ll get nudges in how to speak to them through your messaging, email copy, offers, and more.  Act on those nudges and you’re playing with fire!  (In a good way).

  1. In the process of manifesting, you can generate synchronicity.  That means, you can intentionally invoke that which gives you confirmation, clarity, and direction.  Who couldn’t use that kind of back up?

Synchronicity is a Universal Mechanism at your disposal.  You’re supposed to recognize it, generate it, and use it to know which way to go.  If you’ve ever had uncertainty around your marketing, then start invoking…now!

  1. Tapping into the power within you and experiencing your ability to manifest is the MOST empowering thing you can do.  To realize you truly are a creator of worlds changes everything.

So why not approach your marketing from a place of calm, centered, connected, clear, and power?  Doing so can make your marketing efforts easier, more effective, and more YOU.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to go through before you work on your marketing.  That means anything to do with your messaging, emails, social media, videos, webinars, lead generation, and so on.

This should take about 5 minutes:

Visualize your ideal client.  Give him or her a name.  (We’ll go with ‘she’ for now). Notice what she’s wearing.  What color is her hair?  Her eyes?  What’s her mood like?  What’s she struggling with?  Imagine she complains to you about it…what does she say?  

What does she wish for instead?  

Now, imagine her after working with you – she’s a totally different person and she’s full of smiles.  She represents all of your clients.  Feel your own certainty and confidence in reaching these people with these problems and how transformative your work is for them.

Say this affirmation (adapted from Neville Goddard) 5 times:

I reached her.

I am reaching her.

And I’m going to continue to reach her until those whom I’ve reached are perfectly externalized in my world.

Give it a try and boost your marketing with a little manifesting.

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