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What Salma Hayek Taught Me About Managing Your Inner Self and Building a Business

She’s 3 years older than me, but she looks at least 15 years younger!  Granted, Salma Hayek exudes beautiful Goddess from her pores, but I think I know how and it’s not what you think.

She’s the actress from Frida, Desperado, and Tale of Tales, seems to have the best of both worlds: beauty AND a sense of humor.  With that has come a lot of success, and I don’t dare assume it’s easy.  But when I came across a post about her meditation practices…maybe it is.

I discovered something about Salma that made me appreciate her and her work even more.  She knows the power of feeling.

What I mean here is understanding how feelings lead to things showing up in your life and business.  Like putting focus on how you feel first because this is what manifesting is all about.  

Manifesting is essentially maintaining your state of mind, so you can create worlds (mainly yours) which is what you’re innately designed to do.  And I think Salma might just get that.

In a recent Instagram post, Salma Hayek said, “I start my meditation focusing on the goddess Lakshmi, who in Hinduism represents wealth, fortune, love, beauty, Māyā (literally meaning “illusion” or “magic”), joy and prosperity. Somehow her image makes me feel joyful, and joy is the greatest door for your inner beauty.”

Daily practices like meditation that focus on a specific feeling not only raise your vibration, but elevate your emotions, so that a positive emotion becomes your dominant emotion.  Just like Salma’s joyful feeling and connection to her inner beauty.

Let’s take the example of those of us who are not movie stars, but in business for ourselves, like coaches.  We have to build a business from scratch essentially and that involves learning curves, uncertainties, and for many, fear, doubt, worry, and a ton of frustration.

I mean, if it was all cut and dry and we knew sitting at our desk and putting in x amount of hours today, we’d have x amount of clients tomorrow, you’d at least know what to expect, right?

But you don’t.  The online world throws all kinds of strategies at you and status words that make you feel like you’re failing on a daily basis. 

Enough is enough.

Stop right there.  This is why maintaining your state of mind is SO important.  If your dominant emotion is frustration, then you’re only going to experience more frustration.

If you’re trying to implement a marketing strategy, but you’re leading with the emotion of frustration, guess what that strategy will produce?  

Yep, frustration.  Maybe even clients…frustrating clients! (Read, why your marketing could use some manifesting next.)

Having that ah-ha moment yet?  The point here is that your business is 100% an expression of you.  You are the source of it and it’s success.  But not in the way you might think. 

Your job is NOT to hustle and make it all happen.

Your only job is to manage YOU Manage your state of mind and unleash your natural ability to manifest the business you dream of.

Salma understands that “joy is your greatest door to inner beauty”, expanding on that I’d say that joy is your greatest door to manifesting more joy, over and over again.

Feeling is your door.  If your business reality is simply a reflection of your dominant emotion, what’s being reflected?

If it’s not what you want, start with practices that elevate your emotions in the moment and as that gets easier, shift to managing your state of mind daily.  

You can do this with meditation as Salma Hayek does, incorporating some visualization or piggyback.

Piggybacking is simply using a moment of joy like playing with your kids, watching your dog run and smile (even as he sprays mud across his belly that he will bring into the house), watching a funny video (my fave is Griffy, the Cockatoo who lost her feathers. She can really dance), or hang out with friends. 

Use this moment of joy to pull into your business.

Leverage those feelings and piggyback them on to where you want those feelings to go.  Cool, right!?

The more you practice these tips, the more you’ll find yourself in a positive state of mind which then means you’ll be manifesting tons and  tons of positive things in your business.  Like more clients, income, and ease.  

This is exactly how I manifested 6 clients in 7 days (my all time record).

How does that sound? 

Above all, know that you are capable and already a creator of worlds.  Which means you can create the business you dream of without fear, doubt, worry, or frustration.  When you start with the source which is you, anything is possible.  Go through that door that Salma Hayek mentioned, and see what happens.

If you’d like to learn more about these daily practices for your business, reach out and connect with me or check out my unique program Tangible.  I’ll show how to grow your business with your eyes closed and ditch the frustration, doubt, and worry.


Why Your Marketing Could Use Some Manifesting

Your marketing needs some manifesting.  Not a magical makeover, I’m not judging here.  What I mean is your marketing should begin in your center.  

Your marketing should begin from a place of quiet calm and certainty of Self.  And here’s the thing… The process and practice of manifesting connects you with Self & Source, strengthens your intuition, awakens your instincts, and activates your power within.

Think your marketing could be boosted by all of this?  (Well, yeah).

Let’s look at 4 ways manifesting affects your marketing directly:

  1. Daily manifesting practices have a calming, centering affect. Your thoughts and decisions come to you easier.  

Be real, most days in your business feel like you’re running around with your hair on fire. Whether intended or not, this can come through in your marketing.  Remember that spelling error you posted on Instagram?  And you didn’t catch it till the next day?  

  1. As you visualize (especially in the details I teach through my SoMA Manifesting Practices for Business, you begin to connect with and tap into your ideal client.  It’s like sending out an energetic wave to your people.  Einstein called it entanglement or ‘Strange, spooky stuff’.  

When you begin to ‘call in’ or connect with your ideal clients energetically, you’ll get nudges in how to speak to them through your messaging, email copy, offers, and more.  Act on those nudges and you’re playing with fire!  (In a good way).

  1. In the process of manifesting, you can generate synchronicity.  That means, you can intentionally invoke that which gives you confirmation, clarity, and direction.  Who couldn’t use that kind of back up?

Synchronicity is a Universal Mechanism at your disposal.  You’re supposed to recognize it, generate it, and use it to know which way to go.  If you’ve ever had uncertainty around your marketing, then start invoking…now!

  1. Tapping into the power within you and experiencing your ability to manifest is the MOST empowering thing you can do.  To realize you truly are a creator of worlds changes everything.

So why not approach your marketing from a place of calm, centered, connected, clear, and power?  Doing so can make your marketing efforts easier, more effective, and more YOU.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to go through before you work on your marketing.  That means anything to do with your messaging, emails, social media, videos, webinars, lead generation, and so on.

This should take about 5 minutes:

Visualize your ideal client.  Give him or her a name.  (We’ll go with ‘she’ for now). Notice what she’s wearing.  What color is her hair?  Her eyes?  What’s her mood like?  What’s she struggling with?  Imagine she complains to you about it…what does she say?  

What does she wish for instead?  

Now, imagine her after working with you – she’s a totally different person and she’s full of smiles.  She represents all of your clients.  Feel your own certainty and confidence in reaching these people with these problems and how transformative your work is for them.

Say this affirmation (adapted from Neville Goddard) 5 times:

I reached her.

I am reaching her.

And I’m going to continue to reach her until those whom I’ve reached are perfectly externalized in my world.

Give it a try and boost your marketing with a little manifesting.


How to Use Copy to Inspire, Not Pressure

In business, we sell.  It’s natural. If you have a coaching business, you provide a solution to a specific problem and you sell it.

You may not use the word sell, or maybe you do, but no matter how you label it, you sell.  Copy on your website, or on your sales pages, or in your emails does the same thing.  Most of us, by now, have made a purchase based on copy alone.

You’ve felt the tug from words you’ve read to click the button and buy.  Sometimes the compelling force was super hyped (albeit fun) language or nail-biting deadlines and countdowns, or fear of experiencing more of the frustration that the solution promised to eliminate. 

This approach can lean a little to the icky side, am I right?

Yeah, it’s the nature of sales copy…to sell.  However, all copy isn’t bad or laced with subliminal messages.  Promise.

Actually, there’s another form of copy that is just as effective (if not more so) that inspires instead of pressuring.  

“What?!” you say, “Too good to be true” you mourn…

Seriously, it’s called Emotional Value-Based Copy.  

And I’d like to show you how you can bring more emotional value into your own copy, so your ‘words that woo’ are inspirational too.

Emotional Value-Based Copy or EVBC for short is simply copy written from a more emotional point of view.  It’s written based on true emotions of the reader and not over inflated or filled with 15 countdown timers that make your heart race. 

(Note: countdown timers are actually good to use, but sparingly and in legitimate situations.)

EVBC is refreshing, authentic, and connects you with your people on a much deeper level.

Here are 3 ways you can bring more emotional value to what you write for your business:

  1. Paint points (Yes, yes, I know you know about this, bear with me)
  2. Benefits (vs. features)
  3. Future pacing

Pain points – not your grandmother’s pain points, no.  I’m talking about pain points that let your readers know that you get them.  Like, really get them.

This is in comparison to using pain points to rub salt in wounds which can burn bridges if you’re not careful.  There’s value in bringing the pain point to the forefront of the mind to help someone make a decision on what they want to or don’t want to experience anymore.  But there’s also the kind of pain point focus that is used to agitate.  It works, but you have to be ok with what YOU write.

Here’s an example:

Old School Pain Point:

Are you in your 60’s staring down the barrel at retirement years filled with sluggish days, too many doctor visits, and a bulging waistline to boot?  It’s not going to get any better.  Studies show that 7 out of 10 men age 60 and older spend 7 hours a day in their recliner.  You might as well pick out the suit you’re going to buried in.

Refreshing EVB Pain Point:

60 is the new 40.  And while you may be feeling a little sluggish, you have the ability to turn that around.  Even if staff at your doctor’s office knows you on a first name basis, you can pick a new hobby.  Don’t give up on yourself.  You’re built solid and you have a fun-filled retirement to look forward to.  If you could sleep better, find more energy, and drop the extra weight you’ve got in the next few months, would you do it?  Just imagine what your partner will say…  Your buddies will crack jokes about keeping up with you. 

And those grandkids, you’ll be wearing them out and propping your feet up before their parents get home.  

See the difference?  Great!  Now, give it a shot yourself and see what you come up with.


They are rarely used correctly, but hey, I understand, they’re not easy.  I have to work at benefits every single time I write them, but I get there.  Once you have them and they’re really, really good…you can use them everywhere! And they make a HUGE impact.

Use them in:

Sales pages






Print media

And more 

Here’s the tricky thing about benefits…they typically end up being features.  When describing our product, program, or service, we think of all the things it does or provides in terms of straight facts.  That’s good.  There’s a place for that.  But I want you to also show benefits.

What benefit does your program, product, or service provide the client?  

For example:  

The newest Wowzer Bubble Blowing Machine is:

  • Battery-operated
  • Has an automated bubble-blowing wand (with extra handheld wands)
  • Has a convenient hatch for adding magical bubble-making water
  • and more

But that doesn’t tell me, as a parent of a bubble deficient child what the benefits are for me and my kid.  

But what if instead, this Wowzer Bubble Blowing Machine is:

  • Cord free so you don’t have to worry that your children will trip over anything or get hurt
  • Allows you to be hands-free and maybe even relax a little while your kids are entertained 
  • Easy & fast to reload with magical bubble-making water, so no screaming ensues when it isn’t making bubbles anymore
  • Expandable by providing extra handheld wands so your children can join in on the fun and invite their friends…happiness abounds!

Can you see the difference?

Once you’ve nailed these…they’re gold.  Gold you can sprinkle everywhere!

Future Pacing, oh how I love dreaming.  Future pacing, in terms of copy, is telling your reader what their future looks like, post-solution.  But it’s even more than that…it’s detailed, exciting, and inspiring.  

When you use this nifty little EVBC feature, you get to show them what’s possible.  It might look like this:

It’s Monday again.  You sit down at your laptop to write, but notice something missing from your usual routine.  You do a check in to see what’s amiss and realize that feeling of dread…the dread of writing is GONE.  It’s not there.

Matter of fact, you feel downright peppy.  Ever since you learned Emotional Value-Based Copywriting techniques, your writing tasks have become so much easier.

You open a blank doc and begin to type…what you need to say is flowing and feels SO good.  15 minutes pass and your next promo email is done!  You grab your cup of coffee and lean back a bit to savor the moment when a chime interrupts your quiet victory sipping.  

It’s an email alert that another sale just came in.  You open your inbox to find that since you stepped away from your desk Friday, you’ve had 5 sales come in from the email you sent out Friday afternoon!  Incredible…it’s working!  

This new approach to writing for your business has you inspired and apparently it’s reaching your people too.  

A grin spreads across your face… and it’s only Monday.

What did you think about that?  It’s a quick version of future pacing, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Give it a try.

The point here is to pull in as much real, honest-to-goodness emotion into your copy without it being hype-filled or fear-inducing.  

Show your people that you know them.  

Really know them and their pain.  Provide a solution described in a way that empowers and inspires.  Get’em saying YES through seeing what’s possible, not with heart-stopping adrenaline and impulsive fear.  Stretch your copy dollar further and create stronger longer lasting relationships with your people. 

And feel good about what you write. 


How to Create a Message People Notice

Messaging is at the core of any successful business. Whether it’s slogans, taglines, or a less visible message that is felt more than ‘read’…the message is everything.  I’d like to make it easier for you to nail your message with a tip, twist, and a little temptation.

In the 15+ years I’ve worked with clients on messaging, there’s one challenge that stands out for me the most.  And that’s getting the message to feel right.  

If it doesn’t resonate deep in your bones, you won’t use it. You’ll dance around it and ultimately feel like you’re drifting at sea trying to explain to others what you do.

I experienced this firsthand when I began the process of unveiling my deepest passion and fitting it into the work I’d done for years.  It was a little painful and scary, but impossible to ignore. 

You’ll find that as your business (or as you’re trying to create your business) that IF you don’t tap into your passions and the thing you’re here to do… no messaging will ever feel right, exciting, and spot on.

TIP:  In brainstorming on messaging, my best tip for you is to write the thing you’re most terrified to say (you know… the thing that might make you look crazy, not be taken seriously, or seem out of this world).  

Just say it, spit it out.  Do it over and over again.  Matter of fact, I dare you to make it even MORE grandiose!  

Go ahead  ( Nobody else is reading it… yet ).

The point here is to get comfortable writing out what’s deep in your bones and tied to your truest Self.  We don’t do this enough in life in general and I’m willing to bet that those people out there who need you most are waiting to hear it. 

So what about structure?  I mean, isn’t there a way to write your message that is standard?  Well, if you know me, I don’t like to do anything by industry’s rules, but I will acknowledge that there’s a way of writing your message that helps it make a stronger impact. 

How about a few templates to get you started.  

Template #1: “I help…”

Most people are familiar with this message structure if you’ve taken any kind of online business development course or program.  It’s straightforward and a good place to start till you get clear.

It looks like this:

I help [what specific people] do, have, become [what specific thing – the thing they don’t have and get frustrated over and stay up at night thinking about] 

Here’s an example: 

I help your emails make money with every send.

Simple and to the point.  Now we can build on to that to get more specific, like:

I help women entrepreneurs make money with email, with every send.

I help natural health practitioners turn their emails into cash machines every time they hit send.

Now, your turn.  Try the bare bones version, then embellish, specify, and make it pop!

Template #2: The “You know how…”

This template is a little different and is great for introducing your message into a conversation or specifically when someone asks you what you do.

Here’s an example:

You know how you feel when your business needs a new piece of technology, and you dread it so much that it overwhelms you?  I take all of that away.

This template takes a little work on getting the thing people dread or struggle with positioned right, so the ending sticks, but you get the idea.  

Go ahead, give it a try 🙂

Template #3: The proverb-based message.

This template is something I’ve pulled together from an incredible book by Ron Ploof, The Proverb Effect.  Ron says that if you want to make your message memorable, make it like a proverb.  

You know, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” or “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link” or Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  

Wait, I know…you’re thinking, “But Michelle, how in the world do I make my message like that!?

Here’s some examples. This is just the bare bones to build upon.

For the Accountant:

Stop working for money and make money work for you. 

The Life Coach:

Life wanders aimlessly until YOU point in a specific direction.

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following.

Let’s embellish, specify, and make it pop!

The Accountant:

Stop working for money and make money work for you, so growing your fitness business is a snap. I’m the Fitness Coach’s Accountant.

The Life Coach:

Life wanders aimlessly until someone shows you how to point it in the right direction. Need some direction in your life?  I’m your Life Coach.

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following. I design beautiful websites that people follow.

Catching on?  Again, it takes time, I’m just writing on the fly, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Now it’s time for the twist…

There’s one more piece, if you can make it work, that can really make your messaging stand out to your people.  It’s called: 

The “Even If” twist.

It looks like this:

I help DIY business owners write messages so powerful that clients chase YOU (even if you failed every writing course you ever took)

The “even if” part is based on this formula:  Even if [the worst thing happens, has happened, or is true of this person]

This is really powerful to use when you know the deepest thoughts going on in your ideal clients’ minds.

Use a little of all of the above and you could be nominated for the next Nobel or Booker Prize.  

Okay, maybe not… but, you’re messaging will be outstanding!

Alright, ready for the temptation?  Temptation is wanting something badly.  And in messaging, really, really good messaging, your people should want what you have to offer.  

When something’s tempting, it’s hard to get it out of your mind, and that’s what we want!

Use words and phrases that denote a shortcut, getting, figuring out, or becoming something 10X faster.  Make it seem like I can be, do, or have something no one else is or has.  Make me special if I work with you, on the cutting edge, ahead of the game, or in the know.

This is the temptation and it’s irresistible.  

An example of temptation:

The Website Designer:

Beauty begs a following. I design beautiful websites that people follow, elevating you to iconic in minutes.

Practice writing out your message with all of these templates over and over again until you land on something that you feel is right deep in your bones, but also something that is just what your ideal client needs and wants to hear. 

It takes time and doesn’t usually happen in one sitting/writing.  Step away and come back to it.  And know that as your business grows, you evolve, and your messaging will too.  It will become more specific, more fine tuned, and that’s ok.  Change is the only constant.

Now, get to work on your messaging, so people notice it.


How to Manifest More in Business

Manifesting, for some, is this magical occurrence that pops your desires into existence.  

That’s cool and all.

But manifesting for me is a science.  It’s a mindset that we’re responsible for maintaining and cultivating in order to tap into our power to create.

It is not limited to the house, the car, the dream vacation.  And actually, it’s more successful with anything that is an expression of Self.  (Okay, your Tesla may very well be an expression of Self.)

I mean, if you think about it, you are a manifestation of creation itself.  You are another expression of it (whatever you’d like to call it).   

And in the quantum realm, we can go down the rabbit hole of fractal geometry and how everything in nature is a duplication of itself at different levels.  

But that’s not necessary. And probably headache-inducing.  The point I’m making is that IF you and I are simply a duplication of something incredibly powerful and that power ‘it’ holds is to create…we are an expression of ‘that’ Self.

So, without boggling minds too terribly much, your ability to create works in creating another version of Self or an expression of Self.

And your business is an expression of you. 

Stay with me.

Manifesting in your business is absolutely possible and one of the most powerful ways you can manifest. 

Let’s break down how you can manifest more in your business.  I’ll share this in a series for processing sake.  Lord knows I’ve asked a lot of you already. (You are greatly appreciated for indulging me.)

Here is method #1 for manifesting more in your business:


Get clear on your vision.  I know, I know, you’ve heard this all before.  Let me clarify.  Your vision must include something that not only affects you, but others positively.  It must include all of the senses AND it must stay consistent (until manifested that is).

It’s tough though.  We’re human and we want what we want…today at least.  Tomorrow, it’s different.  

Try this:  What’s the very best today that you can imagine right now?  If you could choose how your day would look and feel in your business, what would that be?

Now, who would it affect and how?

How would they react to that?

Can you hear their voice?  Did they shake your hand?  Or give you a great big bear hug?  Are they wearing cologne or perfume?  Or maybe just grabbed a fresh espresso?  

So in that scenario of your business and who the outcome affects, what does it all look like, feel like (as in tactile), smell like, and sound like?

Hold that vision.

That’s the FIRST way to manifest more in your business.  

I want you to practice holding this vision every single day for 21 days.  AND I want you to experience all the senses in every session.

It’s not as easy as it sounds – but the more you practice it, the easier it gets and the more you convince your subconscious that it’s a real part of your reality.  

And BAM, there it is.

Kind of crazy, but true.  You see, the science side of this is that first, you must bypass the conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind.  Once the subconscious believes something through receiving all the sensory input <in a whispered tone> it doesn’t know the difference between what is real or just a thought. 

Then the magic happens.  It shows up.  This is where science doesn’t have all the pieces yet.  Whether it’s a wave/particle thing or matrix thing or simulation thing or too much sugar thing…we just don’t know.

What we do know is we can manifest an expression of Self to further the experience of Consciousness experiencing itself in an infinite way.  Anything that is a true expression of Self can be manifested to your heart’s desire.

Chew on that a while.

Watch for the 2nd method for manifesting more in your business.

(But practice in the meantime.)


Why Copywriting Matters for Attracting the Right Clients

Getting the right words down on ‘paper’ so when they pass in front of the eyes of the people who will relate to what they read so much that they act on those words is… what we all want to happen in copywriting.

But it doesn’t always.

In my years (15 or so) of writing copy I’ve found that there are really only 2 reasons why your copy (whether you wrote it or not) doesn’t work.  And I’m willing to bet, they aren’t anything you’d expect.

These 2 not-so-little things are why copywriting matters so much in attracting the right clients for your business.  Here goes…

  1. The words have no emotional value
  2. The words are out of alignment with your own emotional values

Huh?  Whoa, back up.  I know.  Your colleague who took that copywriting intensive from that guy who made 2.3 million dollars in his company last year from words alone told you that it was all about strategy.  

He said if you knew the right copywriting strategies you’d be golden.  But you’re not golden are you?  

It’s okay.  Let me help clear up the confusion and give you a different understanding of copywriting than you’ve probably ever had before.  Yes, there’s psychology involved and yes, there’s convincing involved, but what any decision comes down to is simple, pure, and at times uncontrollable…


Look, wars have been started over this stuff, lifelong bonds, and even the most mind blowing culinary creations were born from the chemicals our brain uses to get us to do something.  It can make you question who’s really at the helm, right?

Don’t worry, you are and it’s perfectly normal to accept that we, as human beings are ruled by emotions.  At least until we reach the level of enlightenment that allows us to distance ourselves from the unconscious effects of energy in motion.  

We’ll save that conversation for another day. For now, let’s just say that words move us.

Eyes on the road, please.  Copywriting is strategic, but it’s strategic in that it must evoke emotions that are specific to the outcome the reader desires.  I’d like to show how to create emotional value in the words you write for your business, so you attract the right clients.  And more importantly, I’d like to show you how to align those words with your own emotional values so you are fulfilled. 

Wait.  Fulfilled?  Why does that matter?  

If you’re fulfilled in your work, you will increase the level of life around you.  You will impact the people close to you, the clients you work with, the colleagues you spend lunch with, and the person you help pick up spilled groceries with in the parking lot.

If you can grasp these 2 very important aspects of copywriting for your business, you WILL be golden.  Promise.

Let’s look at creating emotional value.  If you’re in the copywriting world or understand some basic terminology then you’ll have heard things like:

  • Transformational outcome
  • Benefits
  • Pain points
  • End goal
  • Struggle

All these words really point to is emotion – ones we don’t want or ones we do want.  See?  If you can get really clear on the emotions your potential client has in relation to the work you do, anything you write here on out becomes so much easier.  And convincing your readers that you have the right solution for them becomes natural and common sense.

Let me explain further.  You, as a business owner, provide a solution of some sort, yes?  (Of course you do.)  That solution exists because of a problem.  That problem is relevant to a certain group of people.  And those people have emotions about that problem. 

The more precisely you can identify those emotions and speak to eliminating those emotions (or better yet, replacing them with the desired emotions) the more sales you will make, the more clients you will attract, and the more success, impact, and fulfillment you will experience.

For example:

John is a fitness guy.  He coaches his clients around fitness.  John’s clients are not standard fitness clients.  His clients are people who have experienced a physical set back and maybe a permanent physical setback.  They’ve had serious injuries.

John can get in front of this audience and talk about how good it feels to be at the top of your game and in peak physical fitness all day long and it won’t matter.  He can talk about achieving fitness goals and pushing yourself to do more, be more and it won’t likely reach the ears he needs to hear him.


If John begins to talk about how feeling incomplete or cheated or at a loss for how to move forward with the body you now have…what do you think will happen?

Yes, yes, these are rather negative emotions, but let me enlighten you:

Meet your people where they are in their own head and you can grab attention like no other.

From here, you can elevate them to a new possibility, one they wouldn’t even consider if you hadn’t first spoken the emotional language they are already familiar with.

Now, that’s a very simplistic example, but I trust that you get what I’m saying.

So here’s an exercise for you.  

Brainstorm the emotions your audience is feeling before they’ve ever experienced your work.  What problem do they have and what do they believe about it?

Create a list of at least 10 emotions or emotional beliefs.

Let me give you another example.

Sharon works with corporate leaders to help them improve team productivity and success.  She knows that 99% of the time, the issue is not the team, but the leadership.  She also knows from experience, that most of her clients (corporate leaders) didn’t think they were the problem.  Not initially at least.

Now, if she approached her audience of corporate leaders with language around becoming a better leader to increase your team’s productivity, she wouldn’t get the results she’s after. 

However, when she speaks to the frustration of having a team that just isn’t pulling together or putting in the effort that is needed to produce at the level the leader is looking for…NOW she’s getting attention because her ideal client already believes this to be the problem.

And all she has to do is bridge to the actual problem by saying something like:

Rising to the top of your company by exceeding expectations and blowing the roof off the numbers all because your team is a productivity powerhouse means you will become the person everyone aims to be.  You will leave a legacy in your company and be in demand at any salary you desire.  To start, we’re going to look at your team, your operations, and even you.

Can you see how she mentions “even you”?  She’s beginning to seed the real problem and slowly but surely, she’ll shift her coaching to the leader and begin the transformational work that makes her business so successful.

Cool.  Let’s move on.

After brainstorming emotions and beliefs about the problem your audience has, next I want you to brainstorm on the emotions they want to have.

Then, give me the status or outcome that will give them those emotions.  Like the corporate leader who wants to feel accomplished and proud of their work and get paid well for it, leaving a legacy and becoming in demand can make that happen.

If it helps, talk to your existing clients, recall conversations and pinpoint those emotions.

Lastly, I want to consider your own emotions.

Absolute sacrilege.  Why on earth would I ask you to consider your own emotions when writing copy?  Everyone and their brother knows that good copy is all about THEM, not you.

So here’s the secret handshake of it all…you’re not going to write about your emotions.  You will focus on your audience’s emotions, because in this sense, it IS all about them and how you can help them.

However, I want the tone of everything you write to come from your own true emotions and not some canned professional voice that makes doing laundry more appealing than reading your latest email.

Trust me, I’ve been there.  And I know there was TONS of laundry done during that time I thought I was writing my heart out.  Really, I was just writing my brain out.

Write from your emotional center.  Deep breath, I’m not asking you to become vulnerable (ok, maybe a little) or share too much.  I’m just simply asking you to be you.  Consider how you feel about your topic of expertise.  How do you feel about your people and how you work with them?

How do you feel about your industry’s standards?  How do you feel about what everyone says you should do, but you don’t really want to do?  

Good.  Write from there.

To recap, your copy is really only as good as the emotional value it contains.  Be real, speak to real emotions and meet your audience where they are.  If that means they believe Sasquatch is to blame, then write about how it’s possible Sasquatch is the culprit, but what if….

And see what happens.  

Write transparently without a care if it rocks boats, brings tears, or gets ignored.  

Thing is, it will resonate with your people and they’re the only ones who matter. 

If you’re writing without consideration of your own emotions, chances are, you’ll speak to no one in particular. And I don’t know about you, but while I do speak to the wild blue beyond and anything that will listen (only in my car) I generally prefer to have an audience of human beings who are moved by my words. 

Trust the process.


[Synchronicity] How to Generate it in Your Business and Why You Should

I have a confession to make.  And I’m not ashamed to reveal it.  Matter of fact, it’s kind of freeing.  So here goes… I’ve been secretly having a love affair with synchronicity.

It’s been going on for about 9 years now.  And at first, the flirting was innocent, but then I began to notice it more and more.  I felt uncertain.  I didn’t believe it was sincere.  I mean, how could the powers that be have such an interest in getting MY attention?  

I tried to brush it off.  But it kept happening, when I’d least expect it.  Synchronicity would show up and totally turn my world upside down by showing me that what I wanted was within my control to create.  That all of my internal states were and are reflected in my physical world.  

And yet, when I pursued synchronicity…it would totally ghost me.

Not cool.  I don’t chase. 

So I took a step back and then took a step inward.  What I found was astonishing.  Every time I went inward and focused on the love, excitement, and bliss that synchronicity created in my life, I’d start catching a glimpse of my suitor again out of the corner of my eye.

Realization dawned that my inner actions could generate synchronicity.  And synchronicity, or a series of meaningful events, always gave me direction.  Like an arrow pointing, saying “Turn left, here.”  It gave me clarity and the much needed confirmation that I was doing the right thing, taking the right steps, and on the right path.  

As I continued to nurture this love affair, I found it amplified and if I really paid attention and followed this unbelievable golden thread from one event to the next, it always led me to my desired outcome.

It was this realization that made me do the unthinkable.

I abandoned the relationship.  Left silently.  Pretended I knew nothing of this thing called synchronicity.  

Truth is, I was scared.  I could see the commitment I was entering and like a jaded soul, I bolted. 

I was given time and space to think “us” through – synchronicity and me.  Subtle notes were left despite my outright attempt to be normal and shut out my awareness and live in blissful ignorance.  (It wasn’t really blissful.)

But I couldn’t stay away, no matter how much I tried.  I opened the door once again and made the decision that I would commit to the relationship and take control of my reality.  It still scares the %$@ out of me at times, but what relationship doesn’t?

With renewed curiosity, I decided I wanted to know the other side of this “thing” I had going on.  Inside and out, I wanted to understand synchronicity.  

How does it work and why?

Can it be generated intentionally?

What makes it show up?

Are there others experiencing this like me?

Can I apply it to anything?  Like creating the business I dream of?

When I asked these questions and turned inward, the series of events that ensued were staggering, doubt-inducing, and quite literally the turning point in my life.  My understanding of time, space, and reality shifted.

“….Time, space, and reality itself, all ultimately depend upon us.” Robert Lanza, MD & Matej Pavsic, Physicist (The Grand Biocentric Design: How Life Creates Reality)

You see, there’s always a tipping point that precedes something life-altering becoming everyday, normal, stuff like microwave popcorn.

I believe we are experiencing the tipping point for understanding how we do, indeed, create our own reality.  More than just positive outlooks or dreaming big, there’s a subtle buzz happening that is about to blow the roof off of your understanding of yourself and the role you play in the Universe.

Physicists know it.  Sages know it.  Now everyday people (like you and me) will know it.

Ok, so what?

Well, if you could apply a process to how you think of your business, envision your business, and take action on anything within your business that would pretty much ensure everything you want it to become…it became – would you want to know what the process is?

Heck, yeah!

For the last 9 or so years, I have been aware of how my internal actions are reflected in my external world.  When I first noticed the pattern of synchronicities occurring in my life, I decided to run an experiment to see if I could use the same practices and science to create the business I dreamed of.

My experiment was an attempt to intentionally invoke synchronicity (rather than wait for it to randomly surprise me) and use that string of meaningful events as a golden thread to my desired outcome.  

I wanted to turn my business desires into form using an internal process.  (Scandalous, I know.)

You see, synchronicity is a rare event when the mind and environment become entangled.  It’s a temporary event where because of the connection or series of connections, what’s in the mind is born into the environment. 

It sounds unreal and rather fantastical, I know.  But so did the idea of the world being round at one point in time.  

Synchronicity is what gives you direction, clarity, and confirmation of what you can and will make real. Your business is no exception. 

Trick is, you have to recognize synchronicity and intentionally generate it.  

Most people I talk to about turning desire into form have had an experience or two.  They doubt it (naturally) and can’t necessarily repeat it (a theory untested).  It feels random and certainly not around when they really, really need it.  

It’s elusive and ethereal, but so are quantum packets, yet they exist.  

But if you knew what to look for and what to do to create synchronicity, and generate the roadmap that turns the business you dream of into reality, would you do it?

AND… all it requires of you is applying an internal process that you practice daily.  This practice allows you to steer in the right direction and know your next turn.

Sound good? (Of course it does.)

Let’s take a look at how you begin to generate synchronicity in your business.

  1. Identify the outcome
  2. Determine the sensory environment of the outcome
  3. Learn the state you must create to intentionally invoke synchronicity
  4. Maintain the state (using what I call, SoMA or State of Mind Augmentation™ )

In following the above steps, you can generate synchronicity.  This means you will generate a series of meaningful events that act as a literal lighted path to turning desire (the business you dream of) into form.

Let’s break it down further.

Identify the outcome.  

If you have what you desire, what would the end state look like?  What’s the outcome of having the business you desire? 

Determine the sensory environment of the outcome.

In order to select THE wave of potentiality that is your business just as you dream it, you must collapse ALL other waves of possibility.  With great detail in how you feel, see, hear, and even taste the end state environment, you collapse all other waves. In other words, you give the creative aspect of the cosmos the raw material it needs to create form.

Learn the state you must create to intentionally invoke synchronicity.

There’s a specific state you must create and maintain that generates synchronicity which acts as the golden thread to turning your business desires into form.  Learn it and practice it daily.

Maintain the state.

I’ve studied this for years.  The one thing that really clued me in to what was keeping me from intentionally creating my reality with consistency was failing to maintain the state.

Have you ever experienced something incredible happening that you wanted to happen (or maybe even a few things) and then suddenly everything seems to go dead in the water?  Reason is – when everything was happening as you wanted you stopped maintaining the state.  

You stopped peddling.  Momentum ceased.

I developed a process for maintaining the state that I call SoMA or State of Mind Augmentation™.  It’s designed to elevate or increase the correct state of mind that generates synchronicity consistently. 

Hold up…there’s one problem:  You may not recognize synchronicity happening.  

What good is all that effort if you can’t see the results for what it is?!

Don’t worry, this will help you avoid that happening:

As you begin to generate synchronicity, you will not see it unless you train your brain to recognize it.  To do this, you need to track events daily. 

One way I do this is by writing down everything that has happened in the day.  But let me back up a bit.  At the start of my day, I voice my intentions for the day.  I mentally repeat my desired outcome and of course, throughout the day, employ SoMA™.  

Part of this practice deals with the subconscious mind.  Science is learning that there’s a direct connection to what the subconscious mind believes and it becoming form.  The conscious mind feeds the subconscious and unfortunately, it is full of false information.

At the end of my day, I write down everything that has happened and review.  In the review, I see connections and synchronicities, I circle them.  Some are small, some are HUGE.  But all of it is a result of my inner actions and as time goes on it builds and becomes MORE and MORE noticeable.  You’ll see a pattern.  You’ll see a direction with clarity and confirmation. 

Side Note:  Something happened during the experiment that I did not expect.  As I began to generate more and more synchronicities AND recognize the events, my intuition started popping!  I started getting intuitive hits almost immediately (something I had tried to cultivate for years).  Sometimes images, mostly a random thought of a person or event that would show up within 24 hours, began flashing into my mind regularly.  So be aware that this may happen to you.

As you begin, it’s important to understand that synchronicity might be something as simple as:   

Walking up to the coffee shop counter to get my coffee and thinking how I would love a scone.  

But the scones have been cranberry and almond all month.  I’m allergic to almonds, so it’s probably unlikely that I will be able to have one.  They look like cranberry almond, but who knows, I’ll ask anyway.  

Thinking on how nice it would be if the scone did not have almonds…I ask.  The barista says, “I think they’re cranberry almond.”  


I think, “no, they’re not.”  Before I get a chance to respond, the barista says, “Let me double check…hey [co-worker] aren’t these cranberry almond scones?”  [Coworker] “No, they’re cranberry apricot today.”  


Barista: “That’s weird, we’ve never made cranberry apricot scones before.”  

Scone in hand, I acknowledge the synchronicity.  It’s like a tap on the microphone…”is this thing on?”  Yep, I’m listening, I see it, I hear you.

It takes practice to see it happening, to recognize it.  You can’t follow the golden thread to your desired outcome if you don’t see the thread in the first place.  

And it takes discipline.  (I know, I’ve never been good at that either, it’s ok).

But this is part of who we are meant to be as human beings.  It’s part of our inherent nature and something we’ve evolved to do.

So begin here and practice generating & recognizing synchronicities.  Circle them in your daily review.  

Warning: Things are about to get weird…and fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does synchronicity lead to the business I want?

Think of your day-to-day reality as a dream.  You’re kind of lost in it and easily distracted by everything going on around you.  The job, the kids, the weather…it all grabs your attention.  Meanwhile, outside of the dream, there’s a path outlined for creating your business (your overriding desire).  

The impulses of this desire are weak, they’re not breaking through into your dream (remember, aka reality).  But you persevere and apply a process.

Back in the dream, you begin to notice these small occurrences and give attention to this desire and as a result the impulses get stronger.  

So, as the impulses become stronger in your dream, you begin to notice the path coming through, stronger and stronger.  Events are occurring that feel strange, like coincidences.  

You pay attention and follow the synchronicity and create the business you dream of because you can see the direction you must go with clarity and get confirmation that you’re doing the right thing every step of the way.  That’s how synchronicity works.

Fun Tidbit: Did you know that much like how electrical impulses that thoughts generate in the brain travel on neural pathways, the Universe is filled with invisible filaments that electricity travels through too?  The more an electrical impulse (thought) travels a neural pathway, the more ingrained it becomes and the behavior (an act in physical reality) becomes permanent.  So what happens from the electrical impulses flowing through the filaments of the Universe?  Think on that for a minute.

Point being, the activities of the mind are reflected in the world of matter 🙂

Run the experiment with me.  It can’t hurt, right?

And what is as foreign as the idea of a round world once was, becomes common knowledge. 

But wouldn’t it be fabulous to become one of the early adopters of the idea and in doing so, master the ability to turn desire into form now vs waiting till it’s commonly accepted by everyone?

Start with generating (and recognizing) synchronicity.

Is this really a thing?

Yes.  Look it up.  There are countless books on the science of synchronicity.  And there are studies you can google. Not to mention the hints we get throughout history from people who studied and applied similar practices.  Till now, much of the “evidence” has been spiritual in nature and intangible. We are on the cusp of concrete evidence and a tipping point.

What if it doesn’t work?

It will work.  It may take some time to build the momentum, but it works and has been studied in laboratory settings.  

It’s something you have to exercise like any muscle in your body to get it to a point where it can do something it could not previously do.

Does this mean I don’t DO anything in my business like marketing, selling, etc?

No.  Synchronicity is a natural element designed to give you direction, clarity, and confirmation.  You will still take outer action on your business, but with direction, clarity, and confirmation.  In this sense, the effort begins to feel effortless.  It takes practice and an ability to sense the flow of it all, but you’ll get there. 

Why should I bother?

Well, if you don’t have the business you dream of yet or the business you do have is certainly not what you dreamed of…how hard would it be to turn inward and apply a process?  Has anything incredible ever come out of experimentation?

Oh, yes. 

If you are someone who is more inwardly inclined and you have a deep awareness that you are meant for more, then I dare say, this is your opportunity to BE and CREATE something more.

Synchronicity occurs all around you.  You can learn to see it and pull it into your reality or simply pretend it does not exist and continue on with the way you’ve been doing things.  

I promise you, life (and business) becomes so much more interesting, fun, and fulfilling when you can see synchronicity happen and grab hold of the lightning bolt.

Join the experiment.  (Talk with me and I’ll explain it all.)



Email Marketing Strategies for Getting More Clients

Email Marketing Strategies for Getting More Clients

The buzz is always strategy isn’t it.  Whether you need to leverage social media, email, websites, video, or what will get you out of bed to exercise before your first cup of coffee (not happening here), it’s strategy… strategy… strategy. 

Let’s change the energy of this word strategy a bit.  How about practices?  Or to-do’s?  Either way, if the word strategy makes you roll your eyes, I get it, it’s ok, we can always shift the energy of something to make it more in alignment with you and your business.

Strategy is not a bad word.  As long as you are implementing strategies that help you monetize AND make a wider-reaching impact, strategy can be a really good thing.

But let’s get back to the S word.  There are a few things that you can do with your email marketing to significantly increase your client-getting vibration, mojo, or magic.  I’d like to share these with you and emphasize that it’s important you choose what feels right and test the waters.

10 email marketing to-do’s to get more clients:

  1. Mail frequently.  I know, I know…”But what if I irritate my list?”  Don’t irritate your list, but don’t fall off their radar either.  Emailing 1-3 times a week is acceptable if you’re leaning toward the lean side.  If you’re giving them really good stuff to read and making them smile, trust me, they’ll open emails from you every-single-day.

Example:  I have 2 email subscriptions that send me daily emails.  I LOVE them.  They are quick, inspirational reads and I open them every single day.  Matter of fact, I make a point of NOT missing them.

  1. Keep it short.  I’ve said this before, but in most cases, shorter is better.  You can always link to further content, like to a blog article or to a video, a sales page, etc.  Give them enough to preview the content and click for more.  Now, there are exceptions and you really have to test to find out.  If your list is already accustomed to long form emails from you and they’re doing well, don’t change it.  You can also give a head’s up at the beginning of your email like “long read ahead” or “This email is longer than usual”.
  1. Send to the unopened.  What?!!  Yes, send the same email again to everyone who did NOT open the first one.  You never know why they didn’t open it.  Maybe they missed it.  Maybe they meant to come back to it.  Maybe the subject line didn’t grab them.  So change the subject line and resend (but only to those who did not open).  Usually waiting 8-24 hours is a good rule of thumb.
  1. Offer something that makes them smile or uplifts their mood or makes them feel invincible.  Even if you teach the basics of accounting (sorry accountants…I know the numbers are NOT boring to you), you can still send out witty quotes about numbers and even funny memes for those of us who are not naturally numbers inclined.  I’m not naming anyone, but I know this lady who would rather climb Mt. Fuji again…AND barf in front of the tourists because she couldn’t handle the altitude again rather than dig through numbers.  You could totally grab my attention by making light of my so-not-numbers mind.
  1. Use a super signature.  If you have the content, create a signature in your emails that provides 3-5 different ways they can work with you.  For example:  Link to something free.  Link to something low dollar (a book, a mini program, etc.) Link to something mid range (your core program) or Link to schedule a call with you to discuss becoming a client. This does 2 really cool things:  Lets people self-select.  Gives them brand experiences.
  1. Use a PS – Yep, people still scan emails and look at PS’s first. True.  It’s like having dessert first. You don’t have to use a ps in every email, just know it’s prime real estate that should be used regularly. 
  1. Remind them of a positive action they just took – if relevant, remind them of a positive action they just took, like “Recently, you downloaded my free ebook” or “Yesterday, you told the world that you CAN and WILL succeed, when you purchased xyz.”  It helps to remind them of their goals, their why’s and keep them moving forward.
  1. Use personalization.  This is a more advanced to-do, so don’t fret over this if you’re just getting started.  You can do this later.  But if you’re curious about personalization, keep in mind it’s more than just using a person’s name in email.  It also includes segmenting based on interests, favorite ice cream flavor, or dog vs. cat person.  This is a really fun next level for your email marketing when you’re ready and it’s not as hard as it sounds.
  1. Send things that let them know you better.  What I’m talking about here is getting to know you as a person.  Send links to whatever music you’re listening to today.  Include a favorite recipe or snapshot of your lunch.  Think of it as a love affair of sorts and woo them.  You can see my fur babies, latest baking masterpiece, and more silly, but meaningful things you may not know about me. 
  1. Promote your stuff!  This seems like a no-brainer, but don’t be afraid to mention your offers in your emails.  As long as you are providing fun or informative stuff, you won’t be considered spammy.  BUT…. don’t just send out emails that promote only, that would be spammy.

Now you have 10 email marketing strategies to use for getting more clients.  Take them one-by-one and don’t try to add them all in at once.  Also, check your inner alignment on each of these.  Which ones feel right?  Feel good?

When we work in the conscious realms, some things in the marketing world can feel out of step with how we operate.  Too techy, too impersonal, too disconnected.  But you can choose to make every bit of marketing you do in your business connected.  

Just be conscious about how you use any strategy and you’ll be alright. 


How Email Marketing Makes Money AND Positive Change in the World

For some, ‘email marketing’ tends to conjure up thoughts of annoying, hounding, empty walls of words via their inbox.  Okay, maybe that’s just me.  

When I combine the words ‘positive change in the world’ along with ‘email marketing’ there’s a bit of conflict isn’t there?  It just doesn’t feel right (and that’s the problem).

Let’s change the energy of email marketing with just a few words and it might just make you see a whole new world of possibilities.  

I want you to look at this a little differently and then map out how we can make money with email AND create positive change.  Actually, I’ve done that for you in 6 simple steps!  Cool, right?

There’s a special little method I use to come up with content and it’s called The 10 Thoughts Method™, so keep reading, you’re going to love it.

I must forewarn though, this approach is for conscious people only.  Conscious coaches, life coaches, health and well-being coaches, healers, conscious leaders, you know the type.  

Anyone looking to stack strategies and kill it, crush it, bank it, or hustle… this is a different language, energy, and possibly even intent (you decide).

First, let’s change the term email marketing to conversations by email.  Let’s plug that into the headline:  

How Conversations by Email Make Money AND Positive Change in the World.

There.  Better, right?

Now, I’d like to show you a step-by-step process for generating conversations by email that will help your people tremendously and also make you money.

Step 1: Let’s talk about what positive changes you’d like to make in the world…starting with your audience.

Let’s say you’re a health coach who focuses on helping your clients heal gut issues.  You may be wanting to help make changes in the lives of your people through:

  • More energy 
  • Education on the impact of gut health
  • Better food for everyone
  • Eliminating toxins in diet
  • Identifying the root cause of food sensitivities

I know there’s tons more you can talk about around this and as you apply this process I use for determining what I’ll talk about in these conversations by email, you’ll come up with even more!

Step 2:  Divide these topics into 4 categories or themes.  (Be patient with me, I’m reverse engineering a bit here).  For example:

  • Education
  • Food
  • Toxins
  • Root Causes

Think of these categories as a theme for each quarter of the year.  So here goes:

Q1: Education

Q2: Food

Q3: Toxins

Q4: Root Causes

Step 3:  Let’s say we’re in quarter 3, Toxins.  Now you can brainstorm 3-12 conversation starters around toxins.  Here’s where that special little method I mentioned comes in…

The 10 Thoughts Method™ – my favorite way of getting to the heart of what your people want and need and thereby, creating positive change in the world.  Curious?

Let me explain this incredibly useful method.  I want you to go into your audience’s mind.  When it comes to toxins, what are they thinking about?  What’s got them worried or confused or down right frustrated?  Chances are, they aren’t sitting around and contemplating the level of toxins present in their glass of water or cup of tea.  

Nah…not a real mind bender is it?

But it’s much more likely they’re worried about all the bad stuff in that take out they just ate.  Or maybe they can’t figure out why every time they eat a certain food, their joints ache.  Or…it could be that they don’t believe the whole idea of ‘toxins’ to begin with.  

Think about conversations you’ve had with your people.  What were their worries and fears?  Now, think of the thoughts that might go through their head and speak directly to those thoughts.  People pay attention when they see their thoughts mirrored.

This is how we do it.  I want to get down to the basic, simple, structure of a thought.  For example:

Uhgg…I shouldn’t have eaten that.

I know it’s loaded with bad stuff.

Tons of preservatives

I’m going to pay for that

But it tastes soooo good

Toxins?  Yeah right.

Da*#ed if I do, da*#ed I don’t

Whatever…tomorrow will be better

Alright, do you see where this is going?  Or get the idea so far?  If not, you will…hang with me a little longer.

By brainstorming on thoughts that go through your audience’s mind, you get the language that they will recognize, identify with, and likely take interest in immediately.

Step 4: You’ve got your list of topics for your quarter’s theme (or all of the quarters if you’re ambitious).  They are highly relevant to your audience’s thoughts.  Now write about it!  Use your thought’s brainstorm list as subject lines…and give them solutions. But keep it short and sweet.  Write as if you’re talking to your best friend.  Imagine seeing something like this in your inbox:

Subject:  Whatever…tomorrow will be better

There’s always tomorrow.  I mean, I’m not perfect and who has the money to eat perfectly anyway?

That [brand name] apple streusel tastes SOOOO good.  

I know, I agree with you.  But here’s the thing.  That apple streusel won’t go bad…leave it out on the counter for a week and see what happens.

Go ahead.

It doesn’t go bad because of the preservatives.  If only preservatives worked the same way in the body…we’d never have to age!

Preservatives do NOT keep us young… here’s what happens when you consume a lot of preservatives:

  • Joint pain
  • Skin breakouts
  • Fatigue
  • Bad moods

NEWS FLASH:  You can make a homemade apple streusel in less than 15 minutes that won’t make you feel like sh%#.  And it tastes SOOOO good.

Here’s the recipe:  [link to a video]

Lick the plate for me,


PS – In the [group name] we’re testing this recipe out this week in a healthy baking challenge…tell me how yours turns out. [Link to group]

Step 5:  Have fun, let your voice come through and follow this process to start conversations by email every month or even every week.   Always add in some way for them to engage with you if you can.

Now for the money-making part.

Step 6: Sprinkle in a relevant paid offer.  Add in a few emails (or offers after content that your emails point to) that promote your solution that is relevant.  This may be a core program or coaching package.  But maybe something even smaller that gets them in the door?

Don’t have a smaller offer?  No problem, let me show you how to create that real quick:

  1. Topic is toxins
  2. Conversations are about cooking toxin free foods
  3. Smaller offer:  21 days of toxin free cooking.  Call it: Become a Toxin-Free Master Chef, 21 days of recipe guidance, video training, and showing off your creations!
  4. Create a pdf of 7-10 of your favorite recipes.
  5. Shoot 3 videos that walk through at least 3 of these recipes.
  6. Get transcripts of these videos
  7. Plan out a handful of conversation starters for your group
  8. Package it all together for an offer you can make by email.  These typically sell for anywhere between $17-$67.  They don’t require a sales page (although you can have one if you want), an enrollment conversation, or much of anything really.  

There you go.  It is easy to do.  Really.  When you’re sticking with topics you’re passionate about and KNOW will make positive change combined with speaking directly to your audience’s internal thoughts, beliefs, and fears…you can move mountains.

And make money.  And make change.  And shift worlds.  

It’s all about taking a more conscious, connected approach to everything you do in your business and not forgetting there’s a real, live person on the other end of your marketing efforts who needs something (sometimes desperately).

That’s where you come in 🙂

Awesome-sauce.  (You got a recipe for that?)

Sales Funnel Support

The Funnel Email Templates & Flow

Knowing when to email people who are going through your funnel and what will help get additional sales is confusing.  With The Funnel Email Templates, I show you the flow of the emails in the funnel and give you the templates to use, so you have emails in place fast.